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TC10 Professional Restorer has not yet been tested against Covid 19 (Corona Virus), however TC10 contains two ingredients that are extremely powerful disinfectents againsts microbacterials and viruses. TC10 as a powerful cleaner against hardwater and mould is an effective solution to reduce living conditions for Covid 19.

Ingredient 1 : An anionic surfactant with protein denaturing potency, is a potent inhibitor of the infectivity of several enveloped (Herpes simplex viruses, HIV-1, Semliki Forest virus) and nonenveloped (papillomaviruses, reovirus, rotavirus and poliovirus) viruses. The mechanism of action of it involves the solubilization of the viral envelope and/or the denaturation of envelope and/or capsid proteins. 

Ingredient 2: An inorganic acid with a low pH which facilitates die-off of covid 19 as per the WHO (World Health Organisation) document release "Heat, high or low pH, sunlight and common disinfectants (such as chlorine) all facilitate die off."

You can download the WHO Technical Brief of 3 March 2020 - HERE

We advise however that you adhere to your local authority and the World Health Organisation Guidelines, and consult your doctor if you show any signs of symptoms. Refer to the government Covid-19 portal HERE

Happy cleaning in isolation. :)

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